See if Bible Reading Influenced My Art

I decided to do it. I took some pictures.

I like to think of my strengths are more along the video editing and screenwriting lines, but in order to break out of a funk I decided to go to downtown Winston-Salem to shoot a few photographs. Now this isn’t totally unusual. During my college years I ran around everywhere taking pictures of everyone and everything. I settled into a philosophy of shooting “life-as-is” and leave the staging for the birds. I also found that I really enjoyed shooting people.  I find that their faces better tell a story than any of my framing or lighting can. So in order to challenge myself, I only shot inanimate objects. 

Here’s something else I decided to do: I read the bible.

I have yet to find any artist, except for maybe this guy, who does this.  I was totally unsure of how it would effect me or the pictures to be taken. But I had a hunch it would do something. I’ll let you decide. I read Matthew 1:18-3:16. Key ideas – 1. The initial grace of Joseph. 2. The use of dreams. 3. The humility of John the Baptist.

Do you see these passages influencing me?

670819148508191465081914 63081914 3908191461081914
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AFTERTHOUGHTS: Interestingly enough, I did see at least a consistency throughout my photos. Lots of walls and floors, plays on isolation and contrast. 


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