“The Beginning of a Project Diary” or “The Art Process for Those Curious.”

I need accountability. I need motivation.

And wouldn’t it be cool for some to peer into the creative (and perhaps collaborative?) process that goes on within the realm of art?

Hopefully my diary will be better than Gandhi’s

This venture will include the a periodic posting on this blog giving the details on the progress of a video project I’m starting.  It will account for all the struggles, successes and thoughts going on as I navigate the creative process. You want details? Okay. Here are some details

Details: Lets get down to details. I want to explore worship through video. Music seems to have taken a foothold within worship culture, but I’ve not found much in the way of compiled moving images.  I’m envisioning a 10 minute video with an abstract narrative with beautiful photography. Music and voice over will be included as well. Those are the details.

I’m currently looking for : Good sermons. Good Music. Good Questions. A good name for the piece.

I will accept any and all help during the process. Be sure to comment!


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