The Art Process for Those Curious pt 3

Its been tough to find time to devote to this project. Little 30 minute splinters of time here and there, but nothing substantial. But I think I’ve solidified some solid foundational elements.

First of all, what is driving the emotion in this piece? Music. No doubt. With something abstract (but becoming more narrative by the day) it’s important for the emotional gaps to be filled and driven by that which is very emotional and feelings oriented, rhythm and harmony.

I’m debating on these two songs, and have even created different editing timelines for each one since I like both of them so much.

Listen to them, and imagine greatness.

The American Dollar – Signaling Through the Flames

This Will Destroy You – The Mighty Rio Grande

Aren’t these wonderful!? I hope to go with a direction soon. It’s been a bit infuriating trying to create a project in two directions. Of course, input is welcome.

In the coming weeks I hope to shoot some more footage, and try and get more video with the use of actors. We will see though.


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