Sweet and Salty – The Gospel in Other Stories

As evidenced by many coffee houses, salted caramel reigns atop the favorite fall flavor list.

Two contrasting flavors (salty and sweet) combine to create a fantastic sensation to the taste buds that make most salivate in anticipation for another bite.  Do you ever wonder why? Extensive reasons abound but essentially its because the two flavors give twice the favorable reception from the tastebuds to the brain. The next logical question, of course, is how does this apply to art?

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Like many of my friends, I saw and enjoyed the film Interstellar (And if you haven’t seen it, you should. No worries not a single spoiler ahead.) Much of my enjoyment flowed from the parallels I drew from the gospel truths I found in the film.  And as I thought about the movies I enjoy and why I enjoy them, amongst many details and reasons I have, the most common similarity is the reflection of the gospel in the story.

Characters sacrificing themselves for someone they love (especially when they do not deserve it.)
Characters choosing grace over justice.
Characters admitting or coming to terms with how bad they are and how much they need reconciliation.

Whenever these qualities reveal themselves in a story, I begin reflection on the truth I believe in Jesus. I start to realize what peace and hope I have his story, and I am grateful that I get to be reminded of it through a different one.

So yes, much like sugar and salt, I absolutely love when a film reminds me of Jesus. My sensations are heightened.



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