Reading: “Art and the Bible.” Pt. 1 – Daniel Hansen

“Art and the Bible” has been on my must-read-right-now-but-i’m-too-lazy list for quite some time. And since I’ve made a few resolutions this year, one of which is to read more books, I’m choosing to finally pick this one up. It also happens to be a perfect piece to write about for this blog. Yippee!

I’ll begin by saying that I only know that Francis Schaeffer is a theologian and, from what I can tell, I like him.  Many friends that I respect enjoy his thoughts and ramblings so when I saw he had a particular book on art and how it interweaves itself in faith, I had to give it a shot… duh.

I’m going to go buy it off the kindle store really quick.

Okay I did it.  (Amazon makes things so easy!)

I’m hoping that many of my thoughts on this specific matter can be better said or flushed out clearly through the words of the mighty Schaeffer.  Based on the summary and a few reviews, I can see that we share similar views.

I’m excited to start it. I’ll keep you guys posted on my thoughts and questions along the way.


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