Reading: “Art and the Bible.” Pt. 1 – Daniel Hansen

“Art and the Bible” has been on my must-read-right-now-but-i’m-too-lazy list for quite some time. And since I’ve made a few resolutions this year, one of which is to read more books, I’m choosing to finally pick this one up. It also happens to be a perfect piece to write about for this blog. Yippee!

I’ll begin by saying that I only know that Francis Schaeffer is a theologian and, from what I can tell, I like him.  Many friends that I respect enjoy his thoughts and ramblings so when I saw he had a particular book on art and how it interweaves itself in faith, I had to give it a shot… duh.

I’m going to go buy it off the kindle store really quick.

Okay I did it.  (Amazon makes things so easy!)

I’m hoping that many of my thoughts on this specific matter can be better said or flushed out clearly through the words of the mighty Schaeffer.  Based on the summary and a few reviews, I can see that we share similar views.

I’m excited to start it. I’ll keep you guys posted on my thoughts and questions along the way.


The Art Process for Those Curious pt 3

Its been tough to find time to devote to this project. Little 30 minute splinters of time here and there, but nothing substantial. But I think I’ve solidified some solid foundational elements.

First of all, what is driving the emotion in this piece? Music. No doubt. With something abstract (but becoming more narrative by the day) it’s important for the emotional gaps to be filled and driven by that which is very emotional and feelings oriented, rhythm and harmony.

I’m debating on these two songs, and have even created different editing timelines for each one since I like both of them so much.

Listen to them, and imagine greatness.

The American Dollar – Signaling Through the Flames

This Will Destroy You – The Mighty Rio Grande

Aren’t these wonderful!? I hope to go with a direction soon. It’s been a bit infuriating trying to create a project in two directions. Of course, input is welcome.

In the coming weeks I hope to shoot some more footage, and try and get more video with the use of actors. We will see though.

The Art Process for Those Curious Pt. 2

It’s been a few weeks since the first entry in the project diary. Over that span a few characteristics of the project have evolved.

1. It’s becoming more narrative than originally imagined. – I had thought that this would be much more abstract than its turning out. After going through three days of editing what i’ve shot, I can see more narrative than anticipated. How weird is that? I was going out and shooting abstract, but I’ve gotten more narrative. Is it just something that’s more engrained in my mind? Not sure. However I have a hunch that it has something to do with the next point:

2. I’ve shot some cool frames that I’m proud of. These clips have influenced the direction of the “shortfilm/vid.” – I had remembered this graffiti riddled tunnel from my days as a YMCA Summer Counselor. I would take some of the kids down here to play in the creek and go exploring. As I revisited the tunnel, I found it amazing how my surroundings were a HUGE influence on where my artistic eye was drawn. Thoughts and ideas immediately raced through my head as soon as I arrived. It was incredible. It was worship.

Which is really what this whole video is about right? I’m putting this out there in an effort to try to worship God through film(ing).


Here’s a screengrab from one of the shots.

In the next few weeks I plan on pushing forward with some writing for the voice over planned. It’s not going to consist of nothing but questions asked, but finding the right questions is what will be challenging.

With the voice over, I’m also scouring different sermons that friends have sent in. It’s pretty laborious listening to every single sermon (over 15 so far) and pick out different clips that could function well within this project. Takes quite a bit of time.

In any case, I’m having fun. This is good. I’ll keep you posted.





Sidenote: Should I call this a youtube film? since this is inevitably where it will end up? I also have no intention of any festival entries or what have you. This is purely for me to exercise creative abilities and perhaps for my small audience to enjoy my work. Anywho. I’m having difficulty catagorizing this piece.

“The Beginning of a Project Diary” or “The Art Process for Those Curious.”

I need accountability. I need motivation.

And wouldn’t it be cool for some to peer into the creative (and perhaps collaborative?) process that goes on within the realm of art?

Hopefully my diary will be better than Gandhi’s

This venture will include the a periodic posting on this blog giving the details on the progress of a video project I’m starting.  It will account for all the struggles, successes and thoughts going on as I navigate the creative process. You want details? Okay. Here are some details

Details: Lets get down to details. I want to explore worship through video. Music seems to have taken a foothold within worship culture, but I’ve not found much in the way of compiled moving images.  I’m envisioning a 10 minute video with an abstract narrative with beautiful photography. Music and voice over will be included as well. Those are the details.

I’m currently looking for : Good sermons. Good Music. Good Questions. A good name for the piece.

I will accept any and all help during the process. Be sure to comment!