Daniel Hansen is a freelance artist who makes his living managing a Starbucks in Winston-Salem, NC. He went to the University of North Carolina School of the arts School of Filmmaking and graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. (Impressed yet?) He enjoys both creating and ingesting films, mashups, editing, writing, poetry, and all other forms of unique artistry. He loves Terrence Malick, Banksy, and wishes he could write like John Steinbeck. Follow him on Twitter: @djhansen77.



ML Candelario grew up on the coast of North Carolina. He enjoys watching certain sports, discussing certain philosophies, and listening to certain musics. In third grade, he learned that his lucky number is three, which if you think about it is kind of fortuitous. If you were to give him an infinite amount of typewriters and an infinite amount of time, he would eventually write the complete works of David Foster Wallace. In the meantime, he writes things for The Worship Collective whenever it suits him. For more of his work, visit his website: mlcandelario.com. Follow him on Twitter: @mlcandelario.


In a paragraph I am supposed to tell you about myself; possibly intrigue you with what I’ve done. Unfortunately (for both you and me) this is can’t be done. Sorry. But I would have to deliberate for hours over what is important to me (and, ultimately, what is?). Instead I’ll tell you about the struggle of existence. It is after all what I write about. I have these thoughts that seem foreign, these voices that aren’t exogenous, and experiences of deep-seated paranoia that I believe characterize my writing style for the Worship Collective. This is my outlet. An extension of humanity’s essential loneliness. A peek into my perpetual delusion. Sorry.


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